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Katy, Texas, United States


"Special Celebration Attire for Your Cutie Pie"

Behind the "QT Pie"

Dayna Lanise - The QT Pie

Mother and Daughter

QT Pie Creations Tutus & More was started all because of my "QT Pie", Dayna Lanise!   She is a beautiful, smart, and playful little girl, that everyone falls in love with once they meet her.  

For her 1st birthday, I purchased her very 1st tutu.  She loved it and so did I!  I looked at the tutu from all angles and thought to myself, "I believe I can make this".  From that moment on, I was determined to learn how to make cute, fun, fluffy tutus for my baby girl, so that she could wear them anytime she wanted.  And I did! 

Each time she would wear one of the tutus I made for her, the compliments would come, as well as, the surprise factor, when I said that I designed and made it by hand.  Family members, friends, and others, all felt that I should share my creativity with the world.  So, I listened and began to make them for other little girls.  I didn't realize how much joy and gratification I would feel being able to create something special for someone else "QT Pie"!

Within those emotions,  I discovered a passion, a gift, that I  didn’t know I had.  I felt in my heart that God had planted a seed in me and I needed to allow to grow... and like that, QT Pie Creations Tutus & More was born!  

The mission of QT Pie Creations Tutus & More is to  serve as an online  boutique specializing in exclusive custom designs where stylish parents, relatives, and friends, like you, can shop for that special celebration attire for  your "QT Pie"!