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"Special Celebration Attire for Your Cutie Pie"

Need to Know


Services Offered & Care Instructions For Your QT Pie Tutu

Handmade custom tutu designs for birthdays, weddings, holidays, & ballet attire for your QT Pie!

Spot Clean Only- DO NOT wash in Machine

  • Use soap and cold water to clean and let air dry
  • To untangle tutu, comb through with fingers
  • To remove wrinkles, lightly mist water on the tutu, comb through with fingers, and let air dry
  • Store tutu neatly in tutu box or hang in closet

Current Specials

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Completion Time for Orders

The current turn around time for your custom handmade order is 2-3 weeks plus shipping.  If you have any question, about the timing, please contact me to discuss the actual needed date and if it's possible to complete.

Returns & Exchanges

The items made by me are handmade and customized for your QT Pie, so refunds & exchanges are not available. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let me know and we can determine the best way to address the issue.  My goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase and will shop with me again & again! So, I will do my best to ensure that is the case!

"QT" Customers' Testimonials

I really enjoy the feeling of knowing I was able to design a special item for someone’s special occasion.  So, a way for me to feel apart of this experience is to have each of you to share your pictures with me.  Please tag your ”QT Pie“ in your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest posts using tag: qtpiecreationstutus and I will add them to the "Gallery"!  

I would also love to know your thoughts on the items you purchased; post a review on the site under the item you purchased.

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Edishia Magee, Owner & Designer